Robot Heroes: Custom Skyfire


I made this a while back but thought Id repost onto my newish blog. Since I have a few billion robot heroes swaps I thought Id hack a few up and make a Skyfire. Jetfire has already been done by someone else with similar parts and I wanted a more show acurate bot to fit with the rest of these crazy bots.
I am pretty pleased with how he has come out. I need to touch up the blue cockpit and a few other bits and maybe sort the wings out, but Im happy.

Skyfire mysteriously legged it as soon as Unicron appeared.

Parts used = Hot Rods Head, Insecticons body, with bits cut off, Red leg boosters cut off back of a movie Megatron, and I fabricated the wings from the top of a cosmetic tub.
Paints used = Tamiya Acrylics for White, black and blue and some Humbrol red.

Good palls with Starscream apparently...

Here is the Jetfire which influenced me:


One Comment Add yours

  1. guysipainted says:

    How’s about linking to the actual blog post?

    I like what you’ve done with my design, though. Cool to see other people out there still love these little guys.

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