Takara: Microman MC-14 Meteor/Metal Man “Eggbot”


I came across this guy again, whilst sorting through some of my original collection. It was one of my childhood “TF’s” and I also had a gold eggbot that turned into a Lion,  but unfortunately that did not survive. I remember my Uncle giving me them both in about 1987, but I have no idea what packaging they came in.

Heavily armed eggbot

What I do know is they are from the pre Transformers Takara Microchange line, which also included Soundwave, the casettes and many more that were later used.

The Chrome Nightmare

I really like this guy though, he fits in perfectly with the 84 era Transformers and has Metal in his feet and various joints. He was originally a fully Chrome sphere but  as you can see in the pics mine has faded and blackened in some places.  I don’t think this takes too much away from it though, he looks a bit battle worn.

I transform into!!.... a metal ball?

He comes with twin blasters, which can be mounted in round peg holes in his hands, or when in sphere mode, there are peg holes to place them in. In addition there is a cool stand, with Microman inscribed on it. I like having the sphere in this stand with the guns mounted, it looks like some sort of future Anti Seeker gun.

Better alt mode than Soundwave Cybetronian Lampost?

I have never seen anyone else with this bot, so I don’t know how rare he is, or what he is worth, but still he is one of the highlights of my collection.

There is a brochure picture of this guy and the lion, please visit this site for more information on Takara bots. http://1501bc.com/pretf/microman.html


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  1. felix says:

    wow man, be sure this is one of the rarest takara pre tfs. i have the lion you lost and its one of my favourites tf. the takara spheres or sferik are the rarest of them all, you can find the guns, the robots, the cars the planes…. even the diaclone bases but be sure that the three spheres are hard to find. Nice photos that i have been searching in the internet for a lot of time. thank you very much for posting them, and youre a lucky guy for having this piece of crap in your collection, i would like to have him too.

    1. mp99 says:

      Late reply for sure! Just wanted to share that I had a silver bird. Not too sure if it was a legit takara toy since I found it at a truckstop when i was a little boy. The package was a simple blue card (like the smaller tfs). I can’t recall if there was a pattern on the card or not. Sadly, my bird sphere is gone but it had the same base and two very similar weapons. Just thought i would share just in case you never heard about the bird. Aka lazerbeaks bigger cousin ;)

      My jaw dropped when I saw your images. I’m surprised to see there’s also a robot and hearing about a gold lion. pretty wild.

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