Japan trip!

I have returned from my stay in Japan, which is an absolutely awesome country and thought I would give my TF blog an update with my findings and hopefully help other people who are visiting for a short time locate Transformers.

First of all are two google maps I have created with the locations of shops that I personally found to sell Transformers. Some are second hand, some new, some are cabinet shops. More details on each of the places can be obtained by clicking the flags I have added. :D

For the Full Tokyo Map Click Here.

For the Full Osaka Map Click. Here.

Now for just a few pictures of what I found out in the shops. There is loads, loads more out there and of much better quality and rarity, and this is a very small selection to give you a taster from a few places. Most places didn’t allow cameras.

Window Selection in Mandarake Akihibara
Nice Gold Lucky Draw Armada Jetfire!

More Mandarake Akihibara Goodness

Variety Variety!!!!!!
New figures are usually on display in Japan
Can I get an encore?
Masterpiece Madness
Collectors Club exclusives were all over this place.
Second hand boxed goodness! No ebay needed!
so much to choose from!
not even a tenth of the selection at this shop
another shop another selection

Finally here is what I bought!

All were far cheaper than importing to the UK!!!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sespider says:

    Good stuff! Did you saw rare Binaltech figures in stock?

    1. ukbrawn says:

      Sadly I am not a Binaltech man, but they were definitely available in some of these stores.

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