Transformers in retro Argos Catalogues

I used to spend hours drooling over Argos catalogues as a kid and now I remember why! Oh and check out how cheap they all are. So lets start at the peak:

1986 Argos Catalogue Transformers Section

Star piece: Combiner gifts sets for £22!

Mistransformation special: Extra Tall Superion

Gangster gun pose: Menasaur

1984 Argos Catalogue Transformers Section

Star piece: Prime for £12!!

Mistransformation special: Conehead Thundercracker

Gangster gun pose: Soundwave

WTF: is in Rollers cab?

Transformers 1984 argos

1985 Argos Catalogue  Transformers Section

Star piece: Soundwave for £11!

Mistransformation special: Conehead Skywarp

Gangster gun pose: Soundwave (again)

1988 Transformers Section

Star piece: Scorponok at £27

Mistransformation special: None? Did they even got Snapdragon’s dragon mode right? I still can’t do that!

Gangster gun pose: Scorponok

Transformers 1988 Argos



Check out these full Argos catalogues from 1985 and 1986 for MASK, Action Force, He Man and other fantastic toys. Uploaded by Trippyglitter, check them out on this photostream:

1984 section comes from the great retrofinds blog. Check it out, especially if you like the retro game goodness of the 80s:

1988 section comes from Thundercats Lair blog, and I know a lot of TF fans love the Thundercats too. Visit the site here:

If anyone has any scans from the missing years, they would be greatfully received and added to this post.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Phil says:

    man i so want these pages back in the latest Argos catalog, i used to drool over them too. Man just imagine the killing they would make, not just for the transformers, all those kids are adults now and those wages would now be directed at the nostalgia.

  2. These are real finds, can’t tell you how long I’ve been trying to find these.
    Think maybe diaclone drivers in Rollers “cab” ?

    1. ukbrawn says:

      I’m hoping there are more out there to add! YOu could be right, maybe a diaclone driver lying down?

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