Transformers Review: 2010 Takara G1 Unicron

I had been waiting for this guy for a long time, maybe even 26 years, but finally he arrived and here is the 2010 Takara G1 Unicron in all his glory!

2010 takara unicron review

First thing to mention is that I have never previously owned this mold, not in it’s Armada or Energon form, which I could have got for considerably cheaper. I passed on them because although they looked good, they don’t look G1 right. This guy changes all that, as soon as I saw the preview shots, he had to be mine. This is the Unicron of the 86 movie.

2010 takara unicron review

It is hard not to be impressed by the figures sheer size, he is much bigger than I had thought, not near to fort max, but taller than the Masterpiece range and fatter all round.  It is indeed a very bulky mass, and a very solid one at that, weighty, clunky and very stable in robot mode.

2010 takara unicron review

The new head mold is spot on, with the dead, sinister stare evoking perfectly his presence as a merciless creature of destruction. It matches the 1986 movie almost perfectly and is a massive improvement over the Armada offering.

2010 takara unicron review

Now, let’s not forget that this release was an expensive figure by any standards and as such I had high expectations of the detailing. On this level, the paint applications are fantastic, easily one of the best I have ever seen. It is well applied, with high quality paints and a lot of time has obviously been spent ensuring that it matches his cartoon appearence correctly and with the right colour pallete.

2010 takara unicron review

Where the Armada Unicron had a transparent plastic chest piece, this has a fully painted, detailed version. The waist and his “abs” are perfect. To top it all off, there is a perfectly applied wash covering much of his form, this highlights the detailing inherent in the Armada mold brilliantly.

2010 takara unicron review

Overall the robot mode looks perfect as far as I am concerned, the only minus point I would give is with the design of the figure, which I have to remind myself is dated by today’s standards. His leg posabilty is pretty poor, realistic posing options are straight or the semi splitz. Anyway gimmicks, gimmicks……

2010 takara unicron review

He comes with a minicon to activate his missiles and chest rocket, I’m not against the idea, but I think I would have preferred his gimmicks to be changed to operate manually. I quite like them, although the chest one is a bit of a pain to get back in, the cavity itself is fantastically detailed and it would make a great end of play destruction weapon.

Gimmick No.2 is the electronics, he features the above clear hand and transparent optics due to the inclusion of red flashy LEDs. They work well and are bright, in fact, it worries me a little that his whole head flashes in the dark, but they would have been much nicer green, indeed the head sports transparent green plastic so it must have been semi-planned at some point.  However, it is still a nice feature, I especially like the hand, it looks almost like glass.

2010 takara unicron review

The minicon is pretty cool, turns into a nice ball, doesn’t really have much of a face, and again I could have lived without him if some opf the molding had been changed.

2010 takara unicron review

Transformation time! Now, you can experience this for yourself, there is alot of popping off and swivelling and a bit of mild annoyance and all this is mainly down to the surrounding ring in planet mode. I can’t say it is a particularily fun or interesting task, but the end result makes it more than worthwhile.

2010 takara unicron review

It’s definately Unicron the moonbase eater. Despite some not so hidden features, overall it is a great reproduction 0f his most destructive form.  Again thanks to the addition of the painted “shell” it is a vast improvement on the Armada deco with the blackwash completing the job.

2010 takara unicron review

Sadly, poor QC has stricken again and although minor, it is something that could easily have been avoided. As you can see above, mine comes with two sets of the same teeth, so they cannot close together but hit each others tips. In addition the minicon falls out of the storage crater with such ease that I have had to add a little tack to keep him in. Annoying!

2010 takara unicron review

Anyway… the box is also a great design and matches the Primus box nicely to form a joined portrait. The inners are not noteworthy, being bare cardboard and twist-ties, no plastic trays here. Obviously included are the instruction, which are again pretty cheap. It would have been nice to get some masterpiece like touches, with a little pamphlet in or something, but it would only give me more clutter! :D

2010 takara unicron review

In conclusion this is a fantastic figure with excellent detail and paint and some fun gimmicks. From a G1 fan point of view, it makes me almost cry with joy that I have my 1986 Unicron and that he is near on perfect. None of the other deco’s with the old head mold did it for me, and they could never substitute for the fantastic job that Takara did for their 2010 celebrations. Despite some annoying Quality Control issues and the high price, as a centerpiece of the ultimate G1 movie collection, nothing comes close.


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  1. You are going to have to make something to display that bad boy on. It needs to be seen by everyone who comes into your house.

    1. Mirage says:

      there was a stand fan-released a while back which might still be available; check out as they were the original makers.
      I made my own stand (for the original armada release) out of aircaft sheet metal; it works well but there’s a lot of weight in this bad boy and even with the sturdy stand he leans forward slightly; I vaugly remember the original stand was released in clear plastic and in metal; the clear was discontinued becasue he was just too heavy.
      also two things to add to the above review; one the legs/feet aren’t positioned properly in planet mode; they should tuck up further under the shell to hide that gap where his robot horns are just visible (there is a pin on the shell which tucks into the back of the feet; perhaps they’ve fixed this since the original release, but mine never came close to having these connect; another QC issue, albiet you can live without the pin and probably wouldn’t even notice it)
      second thing; with the feet positioned properly he will sit flat on his back in planet mode; it doesn’t look ‘nearly’ as imposing as on a stand, but it’s a nice stable way to sit him and the minicon stays put better (the armada one was loose too; I usually display him on the ring since he’ll fall out of the socket as soon as you look at him)
      all in all a fantastic toy; I wish now I’d waited for this G1 incarnation.
      strange about the jaws being the same; on the original these had a groove pattern cut into their surface to look like gums or the like, so they’ve obviously changed the mold slightly.

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