Transformers Review: KO G1 Devastator

Here is my find from “The Range” store in the UK. As you can see it is not the high Quality KO release, but a more compact cheaper version.

£3.49, not overly cheap, but I’d had a really bad morning at work and I wanted something to tide me over until I get my final real devvy limb :D

Sold under the “Alien Terminators” brand which includes some ko power rangers and possibly some robot master jets, though they could be G2. Also available on shelf was a Bruticus in a half RID, half made up colour scheme. I decided to pass on that one. The greeness of devvy in all pictures has been exaggerated by my crappy camera phone.


He is not matched to the original in scale and in fact is probably only just Voyager class in size, so sits alongside deluxes quite nicely. In combined mode, he is ok to look at, all combiner parts are there and he even has some paint applications on his waist and chest shield. (Take note Hasbro ;D) The fists fire nicely and despite the cheap stickers and the strange smiling face, he looks OK. The only other issue is that he comes apart very easily, and it is the “fit” of the components that causes most the problems with this KO, rather than the quality.

The vehicle modes all seperate off, some are pretty loose and all have really crappy wheels on really crappy pins. Obviously there is no chrome here. Quality of the plastic is not actually awful. The purple plastic feels nice and solid and is probably better than some you get on official movie toys. The green is pretty naff, but nothing has broken yet and it looks ok as long as you don’t study it too hard.

Individual robot modes are where the KO majorly falls down. They are pretty flakey, barely have faces and those that do have silver paint splodged on them, in addition the three individual guns included barely fit in any of their hands.

Overall, it is not awful for a display piece, the different size is fun and the vehicle modes are ok to look at, but he is not a patch on the real thing and his face is just a bit too weird. :D


3 Comments Add yours

  1. noemad75 says:

    Interested in selling it???

    1. ukbrawn says:

      Sadly it is in storage now, they shouldn’t be too hard to find though.

      1. noemad75 says:

        Great! If you should ever find them then quote me a price and I will gladly purchase it. I collect everything Devastator! Thanks for the reply. -Dameon

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