Transformers Review: Reveal The Shield Perceptor

Everyone’s favourite bumbling Autobot Scientist, or sharp calculated killer in the IDW verse, gets a brand new mould in the Transformers: Reveal The Shield range.

Transformers Perceptor Review
"A scientific examination stated a chassis upgrade was necessary, plus a proper face."

In robot mode Perceptor is clearly a homage to the original toy, the colours in particular are very close, and he is instantly recognisable as the character. I had the original G1 Perceptor toy, but was never happy with it due to the lacking head, he just never came across as the same character as the one I enjoyed in the TV series. This release fixes that by doing away with the faceplate and instead giving him a rather blank but Percy-like stare, evoking his cartoon appearance well.

Perceptor Review
"Magnus has cosmic rust, the hate plague and enjoys Beast Machines? Marvellous!!"
Thinking about sabotaging Wheeljacks entry in Cyberscience fair..... or just about the microbiology of an average Junkions meal?

The proportions are well mapped with this figure, the arms and legs being well balanced, a good chest with a fantastic chrome breastplate and a decent waist are all impressive. Speaking of the chrome, for me, it is the icing on the cake in bot mode, perfectly G1 and is added in the correct places to balance out the tone of the figure. Something I had come to expect from the Japanese release and not Hasbro’s, more like this please :D.

Transformers Perceptor Review
About to reproduce his famous and much maligned "Dare to be Stupid" dance...

Pose-ability is great, make sure you pull the knees out of his legs until they click into place though, he can do plenty of Scientist based posing and pulls off both thoughtful and quizzical well.  Stability is not fantastic, his feet aren’t bad but he is back heavy, making sure his tank tracks are pushed down towards assist in keeping him upright. The only other issue is the backpack. This can be a fiddly affair when transforming from vehicle mode, it is all about lining up the black swivel with the grey head slider correctly, then ensuring the whole mass is pushed up correctly so that the red tab under the bonnet clicks into the hole at the black swivels base. It is an arse, but it will click in and when that is done correctly and his arms raised into the correct position he looks just great. There is a link at the end if you need some help, which shows it better than can be explained.

Perceptor Review
"Can it Perceptor!"

Accessories? Nope, he comes with the attached shoulder scopelauncher, the missile slides forwards and backwards, but that is it. I’m not that bothered and I like his open hands, but it is disappointing not to get some sort of scientific equipment, or for the IDW fanboys, a large sniper rifle.

Perceptor Review
An average scene at Perceptors lab.

Transformation, again finicky, but pretty simple. The doors and the backpack are your main issues but once you get the placement right it is easy. Nothing you can’t work out after a few goes.

Perceptor Review
Because Microscopes just aren't cool these days.

Onto vehicle mode, I will be brief,  I like the idea but not the execution. A scientific vehicle is almost perfect especially with the addition of the G1-esque tank mode tracks but it just looks cheap to me. Mainly due to a lack of decent paint applications and the base colour, which  doesn’t work very well in this mode. Those yellow windows are just nasty and the Takara United version shows Hasbro up, with the metallic paint and the extra detailing, plus a clear windscreen. I don’t hate it, it just doesn’t excite me and I think that is more of deco issue perhaps. Oh and it can’t roll due to the arm positions under the bonnet, my inner child isn’t amused!

Perceptor Review
Tally ho!

QC, for mine, not an issue, some have reported problems with stress marks and I have seen one in the wild with these on his shoulders. Plastic quality isn’t awful, but cheap and forgiven due to the colours being correct. No better or worse than most current Hasbro releases. Joints seem fine on mine.

Perceptor Review
After a physical and psychological evaluation, I can reveal that Cyclonus used to be.....

In summary, he is my favourite Reveal The Shield release so far, a fantastic update to the G1 character. Sure I would have preferred him to transform into a microscope and he does get marked down due to the alt mode blandness and lack of accessories but I still recommend him to all the Percy fans out there! Plus he has CHROME!!!

Robot Mode: 9/10

Alt mode: 5/10

Paint Work and detailing: 7/10

Transformation: 7/10

QC: 7/10


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andres says:

    Hey!! do you check the manuals? There are any clue about who will be the repaint of this figure?

    1. ukbrawn says:

      I heard it was supposed to be Reflector, will have to check my manual :D

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