I like Transformers and I like to travel, so mixing the two on trips to Japan is always good fun.

My collecting style is reserved and whilst I have my own collection of items, I no longer deviate from G1, I am also happy to buy things, experience them and then pass them on. I am by no means a completist, nothing will EVER make me buy a Skylynx.

Brawn is my favourite TF, Outback is my least favourite.

Brawn didn’t die in the movie, I mean come on, he landed the shuttle with one broken shoulder, he is a hero!

I remember when kids thought Bumblebee was uncool and we all hated Arcee.

Magnus was my G1 leader, not Prime or Roddy, I blame the 1986 New Leaders Catalogue for that :(.

I like Quickswitch, he is indistructable.

I lost dragstrip when I was 8, in retrospect I think Gavin Turner stole him from my Grandparents. He was the kind of kid who used to take his TF’s outside and scratch their die cast against the wall to make them shiny silver. What a dick. On the plus he fell out a moving car at secondary school. Karma.



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  1. Brawn!! L7 here, nice site!!

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