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The Robot Heroes Army!

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Robot Heroes

The full G1 collection, with a few Myclones and none of the duplicates!


Robot Heroes: Custom Skyfire

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Robot Heroes
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I made this a while back but thought Id repost onto my newish blog. Since I have a few billion robot heroes swaps I thought Id hack a few up and make a Skyfire. Jetfire has already been done by someone else with similar parts and I wanted a more show acurate bot to fit with the rest of these crazy bots.
I am pretty pleased with how he has come out. I need to touch up the blue cockpit and a few other bits and maybe sort the wings out, but Im happy.

Skyfire mysteriously legged it as soon as Unicron appeared.

Parts used = Hot Rods Head, Insecticons body, with bits cut off, Red leg boosters cut off back of a movie Megatron, and I fabricated the wings from the top of a cosmetic tub.
Paints used = Tamiya Acrylics for White, black and blue and some Humbrol red.

Good palls with Starscream apparently...

Here is the Jetfire which influenced me:

I’d been looking forward to these guys and am very happy to get my claws on them. As most people know, they have not been released, and are marked as cancelled by Hasbro. Which is definately a shame as these guys rock, in a bizarre way.

The ultimate team?

They make a strange pairing.

Sneaky sneaky...

Lets start with everyones favourite Datsun, Prowl. I really like this character, his colours are great, he looks tough, problem is the dude has always been a bit of a tool. For me the greatest victory of this sculpt is that he does indeed convey his smarmy toolness well. His cheesey grin, and his mamsy wave all add to this and I love it.

Wait Grimlock, thats not what Optimus would do!!!

To get technical his sculpt is a usual Robot Heroes style mishmash between toy and tv. His head is nice, with the red horns well pronounced and the aformentioned grin in place. Bodywise, the chest is great, he has little wheels above his arms like the toy and all the right paint aps. His “backpack” is well designed with lots of extra lineage and detail I would not have expected. The only strange part seems to be the legs. I’m not sure why but he only has a wheel on his right, but it is forgivable. The windows on the side of his ankle are also a slightly unneccessary, but the bumpers on the toe area look good.


I may be a square, but Ill still kick your ass!

The paint is there in all the right places, though he has blue and red sirens now, instead of just red. I guess some police insignia on the doors would have also been good. The only remaining question I have is over the lack of missile launchers on the shoulders. Whilst his animation design did not have these, I always thought they looked great on the toy and other art, but they are not included here. They may have cluttered him up anyway and got in the way of his swivley head.


Instruments of Destruction.... not Prowl's favourite song.

Overall, i really like this design and even though he may be a bit of a Prime fanboy, Im very happy with the addition.

Next up: Laserbeak….. kind of.


All the years of war got to the old bird.

The first thing you’ve probably noticed about Laserbeak is that he takes the Super Deformed look to a whole new level. I think its fair to say they got a standard LB and imagined what he would look like if someone had shoved a pinapple where the sun dont shine. Personally, I just think it looks mental.



The mold is actually quite nice, it’s a bit small, which is good compared to Rumble for instance who is way too big, and though he’s had a few too many blue smarties it’s definately ol Laserbeak. The one thing I have to mention is articulation, it breaks a new record by having exactly no points, joints or swivels anywhere. So if you had ideas to make him look less disturbing, well bad luck.


Laserbeak Returns Megaaa.....................WTF!!!

I really like the sculp, the detailing is fantastic, especially with the indented marking on the back of the wings and both cannons complete and looking great. I even like his tongue, who knew? The colours too are a plus point on LB, compared to say Ironhide, where they look a tad basic and bright, the apps are deep and strong, contrasting with each other well.

In conclusion I think Laserbeak is awesome, because the whole thing is nuts, you can’t even stand him up on its feet! I’m very glad I came accross these two, here a few pictures to finish this off.


Try and get him in your tape deck

Fact: None of these guys would invite Prowl on a night out.