My Fan Art

This is all really old Transformers Fan Art I did when I was a student from 2001-2004. Sadly I changed career paths then and never progressed to a good level. It was all done in 3dmax ver 3. Should be good for a laugh anyway :D.

Transformer Brawn Fan art
My first real attempt at making textures, sadly it never got finished.

Transformers Rodimus Fan art

Energon Rodimus: I used to like this mould haha.

Transformers Dogfight Fan art
Dogfight: I’m pretty sure this is the only Dogfight fan render ever done :D
Transformers Megatron Fan art
Megatron: Kind of…
Transformers Unicron Fan art
Unicron: Well just the head, done for L7 many moons ago…
Transformers Grindor Fan art
Grindor: When minicons and reflective metal effects were cool to me..
Transformers pointblank fan art
Pointblank: With an updated vehicle mode.
Transformers brawn 2 fan art
Brawn: Get’s an “backdated” alt mode before they stole my idea in war within!!
Transformers Starscream fan art
Starscream: check those light effects!!
Transformers Compound fan art
Compound: From my RPG days, I can’t actually find any pictures of my Scourge render now!
Transformers Phaser fan art
Phaser: Another RPG character, was actually a TF penknife.



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